Another Failure… But Kinda Cool

I was printing two objects and the small one in the back got knocked over so there was a birdsnest of PETG sitting there. Fortunately, the large object in front printed successfully.

Do not leave a 3D printer unattended!

2 thoughts on “Another Failure… But Kinda Cool”

  1. Hi! I came across your post on another site when trying to figure out how to plug our new whirlpool tub to use it as a soaker. I don’t have a 3d printer, and I’m wondering if I could just purchase these pieces from you. I can send pics of our existing ones to confirm measurements if that’s helpful.


    PS I tried to use your Contact Me page, and it didn’t work.

    1. Hello Angie!

      Thanks for the comment and for letting me know about the contact page. It should be fixed now. 😀

      I’ll need a bit more information so I will send you an email shortly, I hope that’s okay.

      Have a good day!

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