After all the Arduino and 3D printing and Raspberry Pi posts, it might be a bit of a surprise that microbiology is another one of my hobbies. I find it amazing how little tiny blobs of life still go about their days, eating, reproducing, and eventually getting eaten. Life is fascinating and pretty disgusting! It can be a pain to prepare samples, but when things work out it’s really worth it.

I took this particular video through my microscope a little while ago. I dug some goop out of the fish tank, put it in some water, and let it settle and spread out for a day before putting it under the microscope. There was quite the assortment of life to be seen, but the star of the show was this flatworm. It sniffed around for a while and did what could be best described as “squooshing” before making a break for it.

Ahh, biology class. How I miss you…

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