Okay, so I’m making some progress. I looked around on the internet to see if I could get some ideas for what I wanted and I came up with this:

I prefer B9 from “Lost In Space” but Robby here has thumbs (and hopefully runs Python).

After some intense pencil & paper work, some printing, and some fumbling with little screws, I’ve got this:

Frankly, it’s pretty disappointing compared to the first picture but at least it’s progress.

My plan at this point is to use a Raspberry Pi Zero as the “brain”, and use an Arduino Pro Micro to handle the motor PWM because the Pi’s software PWM can be jittery. I need to figure out how to get it moving, how to control it, and how to keep itself from throwing itself down the stairs or getting jammed in a corner under the couch. Oh, and power it without an extension cord. Oh, and get it to actually sweep the floor.

No problem – only five things. Should be easy.

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